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how to make money online in Nigeria

Making money online in Nigeria is always possible if you have the knowledge and attitude to put to work. It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee, unemployed, graduate or student looking for an extra source of income to make ends meet. The fact is, there are many proven ways to make money online in Nigeria and it doesn’t have to be complicated.
Making money online is not rocket science as there are instances where people have made thousands of dollars online in Nigeria. With the right knowledge and guidance, you can start making money online just as easily.
This article aims to explore and highlight the many ways to make money online, regardless of your experience level.

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Below are the Top 10 ways to make money in Nigeria


Freelanceing is a fast growing online business and one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria . When we talk about freelancing I mean giving people what you know how to do and then getting paid for it. Suppose you can write; there are Some websites online which you can earn from by offering your writing for cool cash, people can pay you to write for them on different topics. The same applies to those who know or can speak several languages you can easily make money buy translating different document into different languages.

At the same time, you can make money by offering different skills like graphic design, video editing, digital marketing and many more. This does not require money to start, and anybody can make money online in Nigeria as a freelancer and easy to start.

Some of the freelance website to make money from are:






Freelancer.com etc.



Dropshipping can be a straightforward and successful business plan. Instead of paying to store your product, you serve as a middleman. Search online for vendors that will sell you their goods at a discount so you can mark them up and make a profit.

Thousands of vendors are available to supply you with your inventory, which might range from computers and clothing to jewellery and healthy food. To market and sell the products when you do this, you will need your own website and/or e-commerce storefront or your social media platform.

You can easily find things to purchase and sell online thanks to e-commerce. E-commerce has developed a lucrative method of making money online anywhere in the world as a result of the rise in online purchases nowadays.

You can use e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Aliexpress, Amazon, Shopify, or any other website specifically for your region to generate money in Nigeria by setting up a free online store and starting to market your products there in order to draw clients. You can source your product directly from local producers or import from other countries. So many people has made millions of naira in Nigeria by building/creating online store and selling different product. Dropshipping is a verifiable way of making money online in Nigeria as it does not really require you to own a product.



Virtual assistant positions are an excellent method to make money online as a side job in Nigeria. As a virtual assistant, you have the convenience of working from home while assisting customers with routine duties like social media management, email management, or simple administrative work.

Working with clients from around the world from the comfort of your home in Nigeria while earning money online is possible with virtual assistant positions, which are in high demand.



in one way or the other, You may have heard of Affiliate marketing and wonder how people make money on Affiliate marketing in Nigeria. let first start by what Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is:

Affiliate Marketing is promoting other people’s products or service in return for a commission for each sale.

As an Affiliate marketer in Nigeria you can make money without having your own goods or services. Instead, all you need to do to promote and sell other people goods services, or organisations.

Another straightforward method for people trying to generate money online is certainly affiliate marketing. All you need to promote a product is an internet connection. As a brand ambassador for a respected business, you may get a passive monthly income.

Below are some Top Affiliate marketing

Shopify Affiliate Program

CJ Affiliate

Amazon Associate


Flipkart Affiliate Program




Using a course outline and the camera on your smartphone, you may quickly make money from the comfort of your room in Nigeria by simply sharing what you already know. It may involve instructing students in a subject or a skill, such as baking or video editing. You can also develop and market courses using the knowledge you possess.

Topics like how to become a web developer, sophisticated cryptocurrency trading, or artificial intelligence are not have to be difficult or complex. Simple courses on topics like how to stop procrastinating, developing regular habits, etc. can be made.

You can make money by uploading your work to well-known websites like Coursera and Udemy. You can leverage your web and social media profile to market other goods and make money by doing this as well.



Today, the majority of young Nigerians choose content creation as their top online income option. One of the best way to generate or make money online Nigeria today is through content creation, which includes dancing, music, comedy skits, and more.

Today, there are many creatives in Nigeria who have developed a bunch of loyal followers on platforms like Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram and are earning significant income through sponsored postings,

It is simple to believe that this is a wonderful way to make money online in Nigeria these days given the calibre of content we see today and the lifestyle of the majority of content creators worldwide.



Nowadays, social media is a popular trend and a source of income for influential people and celebrities. It is a successful business since all of the social media channels receive a lot of attention from Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Today, many businesses are searching for people who can help them manage their online presence and draw in clients and customers.

The main duties of a social media manager include producing straightforward content and interacting with audience. Additionally, you may develop your influence and collaborate with brands and companies to advertise their goods and services on your platform in exchange for a fee or brand recognition.



As the world is moving toward digital currency, there are many ways to make money with cryptocurrencies, including buying, selling, and trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, earning passive income by staking and lending coins, creating new coins by mining and joining mining pools, and taking part in airdrops, play-to-earn games, yield farming, liquidity provision, affiliate marketing, and arbitrage. Different amounts of resources, expertise, equipment, and software are needed for these techniques. Before selecting your preferred approach or merging more of them,

you should perform your homework and do necessary research as cryptocurrency trading is a delicate way to make money.



If you’re seeking for online or internet income, blogging is still a great option. You can get started by picking a niche, creating high-quality content in a specific niche like beauty, food travel, gaming etc. Growing a audience, and monetizing your blog with Google AdSense or other direct advertising partnerships. This is one of the longest-lasting online businesses in this century

You can promote other people’s products, earn commissions on sales, or engage your audience in sponsored posts when your website receives more visitors.



No formal education is necessary to earn money on YouTube; all you need to do is produce or gather content. Creativity and the capacity to convey your personality on camera are the primary abilities required for success.

There is a lot of competition online, so you need to be very skilled at gathering new and unique content, producing it, and elegantly presenting it to draw people attention. Possessing a flare for the dramatic and being willing to take risks are advantages.

Self-promotion is a skill you need to master, you must be able to articulate what makes both you and your YouTube content special. You also require time management skills because you need to post frequently and maintain your information as current as possible. You need to be nimble since you want to make your channel engaging and entertaining, which means you’ll need to plan ahead and be ready to react quickly to breaking news and other popular topics.


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