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Caktus AI is a learning platform powered by artificial intelligence that has been created for the benefit of both students and teachers. This platform encompasses a variety of useful resources, such as an essay writer, personal statement writer, coding assistants, and more. Moreover, Caktus AI is actively engaged in the development of an assortment of AI-driven tools and applications specifically tailored for educators and learning. These include chatbots and software that possess the capability to assess and provide feedback on essays. The team responsible for the creation of Caktus AI is fervently committed to leveraging the power of artificial intelligence in order to revolutionize the field of education.


Caktus outline is an innovative educational tool that is centered around artificial intelligence. It offers a range of features and functionalities that go beyond just writing. The developers of Catus ai refer to it as an “academic curated search engine” because it can provide content on various subjects such as STEM, studying, coding, and professional services. It is being compared to ChatGPT due to its caktus ai essay writer with essay bot, paragraph writer, and other writing tools. Additionally, it is speculated that Cactus ai may have an advantage in avoiding detection by AI plagiarism systems and has the capability to incorporate citation sources into essays.

Uses of Caktus AI writer

Caktus can be utilized for a variety of academic tasks. It is not confined solely to the realm of essay composition, although it is capable of producing a highly detailed and conclusive essay within a mere couple of minutes. Here are several other noteworthy features:

Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume and Personal Statement

The embedded personal statement writer can assist you in crafting an exceptional personal statement for college admission as well as an outstanding cover letter for your forthcoming employment. Furthermore, it can aid in generating a series of succinct resume bullet points that effectively summarize your experience, thereby facilitating the attainment of your subsequent position.

Educational and Learning Platform

Caktus offers an educational platform that enables you to comprehend concepts spanning a wide array of disciplines. Language tutors specializing in languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, and French can refine your foreign language skills, enhance your grammar, and even provide you with naturalistic translations.

Coding on Caktus ai Platform

Their coding platform tools, including the Python Writer and Java Writer, can assist you in generating and elucidating code. Moreover, this tool can help you solve various mathematical problems utilizing the same algorithm.

Caktus.ai, similar to some of its competitors featuring AI coding assistants, is an exceedingly advantageous platform for code generation. It provides the capability to generate code using diverse AI tools for popular coding languages such as Python, Java, TypeScript, SQL, C#, and Go. Whenever code is generated using Caktus.ai, the user gains the advantage of a code editor and a debugger, which facilitates the process of writing and testing code. Additionally, an assortment of libraries and modules are available to augment the code.

Content Enhancement Tool on Caktus auto

Although Caktus AI primarily targets academic writing, it excels in content creation, encompassing blogs and articles. The user-friendly interface permits the generation of a blog post in less than 2 minutes, thereby stimulating your creativity and facilitating the coverage of a wide range of topics on your platform with utmost ease.

Text and Multimedia Summarizer

Caktus AI’s text summarizer can generate concise summaries of texts, complex articles, videos, and even provide a thorough analysis of movie scenes. This can result in substantial time savings when working on an essay.

In addition to the aforementioned tools, presented here are a number of intriguing educational assistance tools accessible on the platform.

Automated assessment:

The automated assessment tools provided by Caktus AI have the potential to save educators valuable time and effort, while simultaneously enhancing productivity. Educators have the ability to evaluate assignments, offer feedback, and monitor the progress of their students.

Tailored learning:

Caktus AI functions as an academic-curated search engine, thereby enabling educators to create personalized learning experiences for their students. Educators can generate custom assignments, track the progress of their students, and provide individualized feedback.

Time management:

Caktus AI empowers teachers to effectively manage their time by enabling them to track assignments, set reminders, and establish a study schedule that facilitates staying ahead of their workload.


Caktus AI’s Flashcards feature permits students to generate digital flashcards encompassing any subject matter. These flashcards can be enhanced with text, images, and even audio.

Integral calculator:

Caktus AI’s Integral Calculator possesses the ability to solve any integral. Simply provide the function and the AI will promptly compute the integral. This feature proves to be particularly valuable for students studying calculus.

Text summarizer:

Caktus AI’s text summarizer allows for the rapid and precise distillation of complex articles and textbooks into concise summaries, thereby saving time and aiding in the retention of vital information.

With the assortment of functions and features mentioned above, you may be curious as to the cost of this invaluable tool. Rest assured, it may be considerably more affordable than one might anticipate.

There exist numerous other applications for this tool; however, it is advisable to first familiarize oneself with its fundamental essay function. Its operation closely resembles that of ChatGPT and other language tools powered by artificial intelligence.

How to use Caktus AI

Sign  up on Caktus ai

Caktus AI operates in a similar manner to AI generators such as Jasper AI, whereby it prompts users to input a text and subsequently generates content using a chatbot. In order to avail of its functionalities, it is imperative to create an account. Unlike various other services that typically allow users to log in using their Google, Apple, or Microsoft accounts, Caktus AI necessitates the manual creation of a username and password.

It is recommended to carefully review the company’s terms of service prior to registering, as the free trial for Caktus AI appears to have concluded. Furthermore, accessing one’s account without opting for the Premium service is not easily attainable.

is Caktus free?

Indeed, there is a cost associated with Caktus AI. However, they do provide a complimentary trial with a limit of 5,000 characters, enabling the generation of approximately 500 – 1,000 words.

Should you choose to upgrade to the Caktus Premium plan, a monthly fee of $9.99 will be incurred.

This upgraded plan grants the user the ability to generate an unlimited amount of words. Additionally, alternative pricing plans, such as an annual subscription, are offered to accommodate individual preferences.

Who owns Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is an innovative artificial intelligence platform, established by Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang, which is transforming the manner in which individuals in academic and professional settings engage in the act of composing. From devising educational curricula to crafting heartfelt correspondences, Caktus AI presents a more organic and refined alternative in comparison to other artificial intelligence platforms.

What are the Limitations of Caktus AI?

The Caktus AI Essay Writer presents itself as a straightforward solution for generating various textual formats within a limited timeframe. This proposition may prove beneficial to a student grappling with impending deadlines. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that employing this tool would constitute an act of academic dishonesty. If one were to be apprehended, the repercussions would be severe.

While it is true that certain plagiarism detection software might not recognize the utilization of Caktus, an astute professor or evaluator may discern the text’s AI style. In such an event, the consequences could be dire, necessitating the exercise of extreme caution when employing this model.

How does Caktus work?

Can i use Caktus at school?

How is Caktus different from ChatGPT


Nevertheless, these aforementioned limitations should not diminish the significance of the application – as it remains an incredibly intriguing and thought-provoking piece of software. A more academically sound approach to utilizing this tool would be to employ it as a personal study assistant, thereby replacing the need for conventional textbooks and flashcards. The extensive array of features offered by Caktus AI enables one to optimize their resources and save valuable time during the process of studying.

As we progress towards the world of AI, one should anticipate the frequent emergence of services like Cactus and other essaybot.






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