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Expertnaire is a fast expanding affiliate marketing programme, though many people question its credibility. Is it genuine or a scam? All of that and other information about Expertnaire and how to make money on expertnaira with it is covered in this article.

most digital product developers struggle to sell their product in the open market because of a lack of large customer base. However, with Expertnaire, sales and marketing have become much simpler. is the digital marketing platform that assist producers of digital goods in increasing their sales through efficient and productive affiliates. In general, it has risen to the top of the list in terms of affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

About Expertnaira:

Expertnaira courses

So, as a digital producer, all you have to do is publish your goods on the platform and let the marketers handle the rest in exchange for a commission, The platform links digital product creators with affiliate marketers who handle the sales of the products. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily need to create digital products to make money; you can use the affiliate model instead. We would talk about how to rake in cash on Expertnaire without ever selling a thing.

Is expertnaira legit or scam?:

The Expertnaire programme is entirely genuine and has no elements of fraud or misrepresentations. You can decide whether to sign up with them as a vendor or an affiliate. We conducted extensive study on users of the sites before coming to this conclusion.



The Expertnaire product creator section is for people who have digital goods to market. In essence, studies have proved that word-of-mouth advertising is the most efficient way to close deals, which is why the Expertnaire platform operates on this tenet. Undoubtedly, the quickest strategy to increase sales is to recruit as many affiliates as you can to market your product. Affiliates on the network therefore inform others about the products and persuade them to purchase. Expertnaire has currently sold nearly 25,000 digital goods.


On Expertnaire, a partnership as an affiliate is the second method to make money. You are essentially in charge of selling the goods posted by vendors. You will be given an affiliate link to each product you wish to market. As long as you generate sales and the vendor will pays you a commission, you can promote the product in anyway you want with your affiliate link. maybe on social media platform like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc or any other platform. In essence, this is one of the simplest ways to earn money online.

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– Become an affiliate on Expertnaira:

Here are the detailed steps for using Expertnaire to start earning money right away:

1. Register on Expertnaira

You must pay a one-time, yearly sign-up fee of N10,000 in order to register. As a result, you must renew at the end of each year with the same amount or your membership will be cancelled.

2. Promote Product

The next step after registering is to choose any digital product of your choice and advertise it. Make sure, that you only advertise using the unique personal link the system provides. Also keep in mind that, generally speaking, promoting digital products with high commission rates can help you earn more money.

Get paid on Expertnaira:

Receiving payment is the last stage in the process. The platform would credit your account with the agreed-upon commission after selling the goods you advertise. And every Friday, the commissions are automatically paid into your bank account.

How do I sign up to sell on Expertnaire?

to become a vendor, you need sign up in order to start selling goods or services. However, you must pay a N25,000 nonrefundable charge, which must be renewed annually. Your vendor membership will be terminated automatically if payment is not renew.

How to Sign Up as a Vendor on Expertnaire

However, to be accepted, your product must adhere to a number of requirements, including:

Criteria for new vendors

1. Read through the terms and  conditions for joining as a vendor on the platform.

2. Send the information about your goods to the platform for approval if you are OK with the terms and conditions. As Expertnaire does not permit the resale of other people’s items, whatever you list on the site must be original.

The information to send to Expertnaire is as follows:

You are not allowed to sell a product without a sales page, please provide the URL of your product’s page. Additionally, make sure you work with a skilled copywriter to develop a product and increase sales. 

Having knowledge of the product’s quality and good delivery method will enable you to assign a value to it.

3. Once your request has been approved by Expertnaire, you can now create a vendor account to keep track of your sales. However, take notice that the N25,000 annual registration cost for a vendor account is non-refundable. To register, go to https://expertnaire.com/register

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What else do I need to understand before signing up for Expertnaire?

Take note of the following:

All featured products on Expertnaire are subject to a 10% fee.

They collect money on your behalf, pay the affiliate, and deliver the purchased item to the customer.

Products from Expertnaire are covered by a 30-day refund guarantee.

How do suppliers and affiliates split the commission on Expertnaira?

In essence, the affiliates choose any product they wish to promote, while the vendors choose the compensation for every product they decide to sell. As a result, the affiliate receives the commission established by the vendor, 10% goes to Expertnaire, and the vendor keeps the balance.

Making money with the Expertnaire affiliate programme

By marketing the goods featured on the Expertnaire site, you can earn money. However, since they deposit the commission into your account only after a sale, you only profit then. You can receive commissions of up to 75% on each sale made through Expertnaire.

How does Expertnaire pay its users?

Expertnaire uses bank deposits to pay its vendors and affiliates. Vendors, however, only get paid on Fridays every two weeks, while affiliates get paid every Friday.

Does Expertnaire provide training on how to sell products?

Not at all, Instead of being a teaching platform, Expertnaire is a product listing site; as a result, it cannot teach you how to sell your products online. However, it enables you to meet up in person or communicate directly via a Telegram group with top affiliates.


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