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voicify ai

Voicify AI, now rebranded as Jammable, has revolutionized the music industry by integrating artificial intelligence into music creation. This platform caters to both casual listeners and professionals in the field.

Overview of Voicify AI


Originally known as Voicify.AI, Jammable is engineered to craft custom covers of songs using AI technology. With a wide array of AI voices that mimic famous musical artists, political figures, and even cartoon characters, the software offers the option to choose from existing AI models or create a unique voice model using a brief, clear audio sample. This innovative feature makes it simple and enjoyable to produce personalized song covers, messages, or even playful pranks.

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How Does Voicify AI Operate?

Jammable ai

Choosing a Voice or Creating a Custom Model: Begin by either selecting from a vast array of AI voices or uploading your audio to craft a personalized model. Jammable updates its voice offerings regularly to include many iconic voices.

Integrating the Song: After selecting your AI voice, you can either enter the song URL for a cover or upload an audio clip. For custom models, a clean acapella vocal track is necessary.

Customization: Modify various settings such as tempo and apply different effects, though some users have expressed that the tempo control could be more precise.

Generation of the Cover: Voicify .ai processes the provided inputs to create your song cover, with options to blend multiple voices using the duet feature.

Final Output: The AI-generated song cover is available shortly after processing. You can preview, download, or share your creative output directly from the platform.

Key Features and Benefits of Voiciful AI

  • Customizable Voices: Both pre-existing AI voices and the ability to upload your recordings are available for creating unique voice models.
  • Quick Song Creation: Efficient generation of music covers, with adjustable effects like reverb and speed for custom audio.
  • Wide Range of Voices: Features diverse voices from various domains for versatile music projects.
  • Community and Sharing: Jammable encourages sharing within its community or keeping projects private, cultivating a collaborative space.
  • Monetization Potential: An affiliate program is available, offering potential revenue for influencers and marketers.

Use Cases and Applications of Jammable

  • Music Production: AI-generated voices can be integrated into tracks, providing a unique touch to music production.
  • Content Creation: Useful for YouTubers, social media influencers, and other creators to generate innovative and engaging content.
  • Personal Entertainment: Ideal for personal musical experimentation and sharing creations with others online.
  • Educational Projects: Beneficial in educational settings to demonstrate music production techniques and the fusion of technology with the arts.

Who is Voicify AI For?

Voicify.ai aimed at music lovers, songwriters, content creators, and professionals in the creative industries, Jammable serves anyone interested in exploring music through an innovative AI-driven approach.

Plans and Pricing

Voicify.ai free

offer free basic plan

Starter Plan: Begins at $7.99 monthly after an initial $1.99 offer, providing 25 credits each month.

Creator Plan: Regularly $24.99, with initial discounts often reducing the first month’s charge to $9.99, includes unlimited credits and priority support.

Power User Plan: Priced at $89.99 monthly, this plan offers maximum features and support for the most serious users.

Support and Integrations

Support: Jammable offers extensive resources including knowledge bases, tutorials, and direct customer service to assist users.

Integrations: As a primarily standalone web-based service, Jammable currently lacks broad software integration but previously did support various platforms under the Voicify brand.


Jammable stands out as an innovative force in AI-driven music generation. Despite some challenges, it continues exploring new possibilities for music creation, making the art form more accessible and varied.


How does Voicify AI function?

  • Users select an AI voice, input a song, and the software synthesizes them, allowing for customization of audio settings.

is voicify ai legit ?

  • Implements stringent data protection, adhering to privacy laws to secure user content.

Is voice AI safe?

  • Generally safe under data protection laws. Users should always check the AI’s privacy policy.

Voicify ai free

  • Offers a basic free plan with limited features, ideal for trial purposes.


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