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top ai writing tools

Creating great content can feel tough and eat up your time, especially with tight deadlines & the need for fresh ideas. Let’s face it, But guess what? AI tools are here to lend a hand. They make the content creation process quicker and easier; they’re not here to take your job but to boost your skills. Plus, if you’re good at giving prompts and editing, you can turn out amazing content super quick. Writers using AI tools can even beat human-only written stuff. With so many major AI tools out there, choosing can be tricky. So, we’ve made a list of 10 standout AI tools for content creation. Let’s check them out!


Functionality: Since its introduction, ChatGPT has gained immense popularity as a leading AI chatbot. Many are familiar with it, at least to an extent. However, it might not entirely suit content marketers.

Benefits: ChatGPT shines when you provide specific prompts or need a rapid flood of ideas. Its potential appears limitless with appropriate queries.

Limitations: This vast potential can also be its Achilles’ heel, as many users struggle to leverage its full capabilities. This often leads to content that clearly looks like it was generated by AI.

Conclusion: While ChatGPT is a robust tool, it might not fully meet the needs of content creators. There are other platforms that offer more guided experiences, allowing you to focus on producing top-notch content efficiently.

Google’s Gemini and Gemini Advanced

I am particularly fond of this AI chat tool. It excels in writing or rephrasing content, which is essential for enhancing your SEO. You might wonder why.

Gemini by Google

The reason is straightforward: you can consult Google directly to understand the best SEO practices based on current algorithms. Intriguing, right? Moreover, Gemini includes a complimentary feature similar to ChatGPT, which you are likely already acquainted with.

Who can use Gemini? It’s for everyone!

Google has also introduced Gemini Advanced, which integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace.

A key feature of Gemini is its ability to access the latest online information, even predicting future events, which is incredibly handy.

However, it’s crucial always to verify the accuracy of information provided by AI tools to avoid errors.


Jasper exemplifies tools that assist and guide you throughout the content creation process.

Functionality: While Jasper offers an AI chat function similar to ChatGPT, it also includes many features specifically beneficial for writers, such as a document editor, templates, and various writing aids.

Benefits: Jasper facilitates amazing content creation, allowing you to define a “brand voice” which automatically fine-tunes diction and style. It can even complete your sentences for you!

Limitations: Effective use of Jasper still requires crafting careful prompts, and sometimes templates do not meet expectations on the first try.

Conclusion: Jasper leverages the power of ChatGPT, tailor-made for the requirements of content creators, and is particularly effective in generating high-quality, lengthy content.


What it does: Many business are recognizing the importance of prompt engineers in AI content creation, offering attractive salaries to acquire the top talent. Prompt engineering, however, does not have to be a complex task, and Promptly.Pro simplifies this process. This service refines your initial prompts to better align with your intended output.

Advantages: When you register a new account with Promptly.Pro, you’re welcomed with ten free credits to explore its capabilities. This platform stands out from other popular free AI tools which often suffer from high user traffic that can impair functionality. Promptly.Pro excels at enhancing even the most basic input into detailed prompts.

Disadvantages: This detailed enhancement can sometimes be a drawback. Promptly.Pro might add elements that weren’t part of your original input, potentially diverging from your actual intent. Additionally, the website functionality is quite basic, lacking any user support or contact information, and even its “About” page is filled with placeholder text.

Takeaway: Promptly.Pro could be a valuable resource if you struggle with crafting effective prompts. However, similar results might be achieved by utilizing other tools like ChatGPT to refine your prompts. While it may serve as a useful tool for some, it isn’t indispensable.

Content at Scale 

Functionality: This tool specializes in SEO and long-form content creation. From a single keyword, it can generate a complete 3000-word blog post in minutes, including all elements from titles to custom calls-to-action, without needing complex inputs. 

Content at Scale

Benefits: Perfect for agencies and marketers aiming to produce extensive content with little manual intervention. Content at scale boasts features such as live SEO analysis, plagiarism checks, and customizable tone of voice, all while integrating directly with platforms like WordPress for one-click publishing. 

Limitations: It is not optimized for creating short-format content such as emails or social media updates. 

Conclusion: If you need a robust tool capable of generating high-quality, SEO-friendly content at a large scale, Content at Scale is worthy of consideration, particularly to enhance online presence through top-ranking keywords. 

ChatSpot AI 

Functionality: In March 2020, Hubspot introduced ChatSpot.AI, which was quickly recognized by top marketers as a significant advancement in AI for B2B marketing teams. This AI application integrates seamlessly with Hubspot to handle a broad spectrum of marketing operations. 

Benefits: ChatSpot.AI’s most prominent feature is its ability to integrate deeply with Hubspot. This integration lets users automate laborious tasks, such as creating a large number of contacts in Hubspot at once simply by instructing ChatSpot.AI. Besides, it can analyze Hubspot data, pinpoint unengaged leads, and automate follow-up emails. 

Limitations: The application is restricted to Hubspot. Therefore, if your operations involve different CRMs or multiple tools, ChatSpot.AI might not be beneficial. 

Conclusion: Hubspot users should definitely consider integrating ChatSpot.AI. Even for non-users, trying a demo could provide insights into enhancing CRM usage. 


Functionality: Copyleaks offers essential tools for modern marketers: AI and plagiarism detection. It can scan text or online content for AI-generated material and check for originality across the internet. 

Benefits: These features are crucial for ensuring content authenticity and human quality in AI-assisted writing. The plagiarism tool not only helps in acknowledging original authors but also supports multiple languages for checking content on international websites. 

Limitations: The service might seem pricy to some users, which could influence its perceived value. 

Conclusion: Copyleaks effectively supports the creation of unique and legally compliant content. Trying it might streamline your marketing efforts even more. 

Hemingway Editor 

Functionality: Hemingway is not just another AI writing tool; it also focuses on editing. It evaluates your text for any redundancies or unclear expressions and offers corrections to refine the content. 

Benefits: Hemingaway excels in enhancing human-written content by identifying and correcting errors, which improves the overall quality. It includes a grammar and spelling check and provides feedback on the readability of your content, informing you about its complexity and accessibility to the average reader. 

Limitations: It lacks settings for adjusting brand voice, tone, and format, which may not make it suitable for every type of writing task. 

Conclusion: For anyone needing swift editorial assistance to make their writing more effective and professional, Hemingway Editor is a strong choice. Consider the free version to experience its capabilities. 


Writesonic is an advanced content creation tool powered by artificial intelligence. It incorporates sophisticated AI algorithms and natural language processing technology to accelerate the content creation process. Whether you require blog posts, social media updates, product descriptions, Writesonic is equipped to assist quickly and efficiently.

Leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, Writesonic empowers users to enhance their creativity and generate compelling content that resonates well with their audience. The platform provides numerous tools and functionalities including brainstorming options, generating appealing headlines, and optimizing content for SEO.

Writesonic ensures a smooth and convenient content creation experience with its user-friendly interface, adaptable templates, and straightforward workflow. It is an essential tool for any content creator looking to elevate their creativity and productivity. Step into the future of content creation with Writesonic and discover how artificial intelligence can revolutionize your writing approach.


Anyword utilizes Artificial Intelligence to craft and refine marketing copy across different venues such as websites, social media, emails, and advertisements.

What distinguishes Anyword from other AI writing tools are its unique features like performance prediction and A/B testing, enhancing the effectiveness of your content.

Moreover, Anyword seamlessly integrates with platforms like ChatGPT, Notion, and HubSpot, allowing you to set specific guidelines for each prompt for tailored outcomes.

Various subscription options are available based on your usage needs, though acquiring full access to all features may be costly for some teams.


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